Yoga For Everyone: What You Need to Know as a Newbie

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Now that the winter season is finally reaching its ending phase, you might have summoned enough will power to roll out that dusty yoga mat and get your fitness regime back on track. If this is your first time trying out yoga poses, then you should not be intimidated by looking at complex and complicated postures and movements performed by professional yogis, because you can master all those skills by focusing on your foundational movements during the initial phase.

You should always start your routine with the popular mountain pose, as it lets you loosen up all the pent up stress in your mind and body while staying in an upright position. Make sure to stay in this position for at least 5 minutes to experience proper blood circulation throughout the body – which would further provide essential blood flow to muscle fibers after they are subjected to wear and tear. After that, you would be ready to come down on all fours to perform the “downward dog” pose – which strengthens shoulder and upper back muscles. If you are looking for an experienced yogi in your city, then make sure to refer to the webpage of Marianne Wells Yoga School now.

There is no better way to build up solid core strength than to perform a quick plank session each day, as it is directed towards your abdominals. It teaches your body to stay in a desired position by placing all the weight on your hands and feet at the same time – which in promotes strong blood flow towards your abs. Make sure that your entire body forms a straight line in relation to the floor, so that your body weight is equally distributed to all the parts under pressure.