What Do Termites Look Like

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When you think of food that other creatures can consume to keep themselves alive, chances are that you would assume that everything in the world eats the same kind of substances that you do. While there is definitely a fairly large quantity of animals who have the same dietary needs that we do, suffice it to say that there are others that would eat some truly odd things indeed. For example, termites are famous for chomping down on wood, which means that if they enter any wooden furniture in your home they might end up chewing their way through them and hollowing them out entirely.

Termites are some of the most prevalent pets out there which explains why termite control is such a hot topic these days. In order to make yourself better able to control termite populations within your home, it would be helpful if you learned what they look like. This would help you to recognize them and differentiate them from other insects that might be crawling around. Methods that are used for killing termites aren’t all that useful for other bugs, so it can be enormously useful to ascertain their appearance since this can allow you to act accordingly.

Termites are really small insects that often have translucent bodies, and they are unique among insects in that they rarely have an exoskeleton. Indeed, their lack of an exoskeleton is actually the very thing that forces them to reside within wooden doors and tables that you have set up in your living area, since they need the safety of this wood to protect themselves from predators. Hearing them crawling inside of the wood should make you act quickly.