Taking Care of Your Dog When It Has Parvo

Sometimes no matter what you do, your dog is going to end up contracting the parvo virus. This may seem like it’s a little bit unfair to you but in truth your dog is probably running around and socializing with other dogs and in situations like this parvo tends to become inevitable. The great thing is that parvo is no longer the death sentence that it used to be, and nowadays there are plenty of treatments that can help your dog out and ease its suffering while it is getting cured.

There are a couple of things you can do in order to ease the suffering of your pet as well. For one thing, you should try to realize that your dog is probably very dehydrated after suffering the loss of so much water. This dehydration cannot be fixed by just giving your dog some water that it would be able to drink. Much on the contrary, this dehydration requires you to replenish your dog’s electrolytes since when these are depleted this can cause a lot of weakness for your dog in general.

If you want to replenish your dog’s electrolytes, try giving it water that has pedialyte mixed into it. Pedialyte uses a highly relaxing formula that will make your dog feel a bit more comfortable with the situation that it is currently in, and what’s more is that your dog would be able to get back some of the energy that it might have lost in the process of losing so much water and electrolytes as well. Soon your dog will be back up on its feet and you will no longer have to worry about how much pain it is currently suffering from.