Porterhouse vs. T-Bone Steak: What You Need to Know


A tender and juicy steak doesn’t only get its recognition because of its unique seasoning and marinating techniques, but it is also known for its specific portion that is cut out from the cattle. The next time you go to the local butcher or the supermarket to purchase steak pieces for the evening grilling party, you should be able to spot the right cut of steak without looking at the label of the product. This way you would be able to satisfy your carnivorous cravings for the next of the week without holding back on anything.

The famous T-shaped bone found in the middle of the beef steak give it its unique appearance, and it can either be named as T-bone or porterhouse steak depending upon the overall dimensions. Both of these supreme beef cuts are taken out from tenderloin area, which allows the beef enthusiast to enjoy the meaty flavor to its full potential and experience its goodness in each bite. The strip of taken can either be taken from the rear or front side, depending upon the volume of meat and fat you want to include on your dinner plate. If you want to know about the detailed differences of T bone vs porterhouse, then you can visit the webpage of Own The Grill now.

The steakhouses and restaurants of any given city should pay heed to rules proposed by the Department of Agriculture’s Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications, so that they can appropriately make distinctions in the tenderloin cuts they serve to their customers. The marbling of your steak can directly be affected by the change in its overall volume, and you should first identify its authentic label before performing any seasoning over it, so that you can bring out true flavors in the desired amounts.