Making Your Jindo Indoor Friendly

The Jindo dog breed is a great one. These dogs originated from South Korea and were primarily bred as hunting dogs. Jindos are now more commonly kept as pets due to their loving nature and their loyalty. Their hunting ancestry also makes Jindos clever animals. If you are planning on keeping a Jindo as a pet then you would probably want to train them for indoor life. The loving nature a Jindo makes it a dog that will want to stay close to you. Thanks to this, Jindos are often kept indoors.

Now, there are a handful of things that you would want to focus on if you plan on adopting a Jindo. This dog breed needs to be properly housebroken or else it will make a mess of your home. The Jindo breed is known for having rather smelly poop. This means that should a Jindo dog do is business indoors, you are probably going to have a very bad day.

A dog might take care of its business inside of your home for a number of reasons. It could be the cause of bad training, separation anxiety, or you simply forgot to take it out on its regular walk. Regardless of why your dog decided to answer the call of nature inside of your home, the cleaning process is not going to be fun for you.

If you have a dog that is rather bad at controlling its bowels then there are ways of reducing the smell of their poop. You can read more about this on jindo project: the benefits and challenges of owning a jindo is a great non-profit site from where you can learn a lot about how to take care of a jindo dog. You can find a lot of useful housebreaking tips here.