Liposuction as Part of Cosmetic Surgery

Woman having liposuction

For people having chronic obesity, liposuction may be a preferred choice instead of undergoing other time and money wasting therapies, diet plans and gym routines. Usually fat is deposited in various parts of our body overtime and in some cases, it stays built up for years. They way to remove this fat is with a procedure called liposuction or simply lipo for short. This involves the use of small metal cannulas which are inserted in the area which needs to be treated and they are able to ‘vacuum’ the fat out with these hollow tubes.  The procedure could be performed on a variety of different body parts including hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, abdomen etc.

The instruments used for these procedure could include laser, mechanical or ultrasound all doing the same function with some varying differences which is to suck out the deposits of fats from various areas on the body. Although one thing is important to note that the procedure could only be effective and performed to a certain extent. A patient cannot expect 100 percent reduction as it is simply not safe to remove all the fat. Usually for all kinds of cosmetic procedures, the surgeon is the best judge to decide what course of action to take and what they feel is best for their patient.

The extent of the procedure usually determines the amount of time a patient needs to spend in the hospital. A major misconception about liposuction is that it is only intended as a weight loss procedure which is not true. In certain cases, diet and exercise are the most safest ways to reduce the extra few pounds. However there are situations and scenarios in which the liposuction procedure is not only recommended but also mandated to help cure the patient from their illness.