How to Find a Toy That Fulfills All Your Needs?

Categorizing toys is really important as your dog’s safety depends on them. Your dog can often destroy a toy by chewing it a lot, or by breaking it into tiny pieces. Both of these situations can result in unsafe measures, as your dog can eat some fabric while chewing, or can accidentally swallow a piece while breaking a toy. It is your duty to discard a toy as soon as you see it deteriorating. Therefore, to minimize such moments, you need to know different categories of toys made for different purposes. Some of them are mentioned bellow:

  • Reward Toys: These king of toys are best if you are a busy owner and often leave your dog alone. As reward toys contain sound and movement, and succeed in keeping your dog active even if left alone.
  • Soothing Toys: These toys provide comfort to your dog, serving their way as a mental reward.
  • Chewing Toys: These toys are very necessary as they can help prevent tooth aches in your dog, and provide muscle and jaw strength. These toys need to be not too fragile or hard.
  • Activity Toys: Another type of toys that keeps your dog on its toes by providing muscle strength and fitness to your dog.

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Usage of toys:

  • Each toy needs to have a purpose, provide one for rolling, and the other for chewing
  • Toys remain fun if the dog gets to chase it, they appeal the dog more if they are found by them. So throw yourself into a fun hide and seek game with your dog.
  • Do not give your dog all their toys at once. But keep rotating them, keep changing the toys he plays with. This gives them a margin for engaging in different actions throughout the day.