How Far Can I Run 14/2 Landscape Wire?

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There are a lot of different kinds of landscape wires that you can acquire in order to give your outdoor lights the reliable electrical supply that they need in order to function properly once all has been said and is now out of the way. The main difference between these wires has to do with their gauge, which is a term that refers to their thickness, as well as the conducting material that is used to transfer electrical current from the source all the way to its eventual destination.

By far the most popular kind of wire for landscape lighting in Houston is the 14/2 variant. The reason behind this is that 14 gauge is thick enough to make the wire resistant to most kinds of wear and tear, and the 2 conductor is well known for being very efficient at transmitting electricity by preventing current loss and maintaining a more consistent current than might have been the case otherwise. Another really incredible advantage of this kind of wire is how far you can run it before it starts to get damaged or the power starts to fluctuate to any extent at all.

Generally speaking, you can run this kind of wire up to 250 feet away from the power source without having to worry about a single thing in your life. This is a pretty huge distance by any measure or metric, and it can help you obtain a much more versatile lighting solution for your landscaped outdoor areas. You can try to push the wire a bit further, but this might cause a few issues that you can’t fix on your own so be careful.