Guide to Deck Building

Decking is a platform that consists of uprights, bearers, joists and flooring material that is primarily designed outdoor use. Decks are usually made from different woods such as timber, cedar, redwood, and even vinyl. These decking is evidently resistant to insects and composite decking does not splinter and rarely buckles.

Decking is reasonably priced and pleasing addition to your home, also it can be built independently, so if you want to build a deck this guide is what you are looking for, here are some of the steps that you should follow in a deck building process:

Always begin at the beginning and in case of decking that is the groundwork. Make sure the base is level as it will support the whole weight of your deck.

Before you start the whole process make an accurate estimate of your lumber requirements. You can do that by using a decking calculator. And before starting any framework, install some flashing to protects your wood from moisture and against rot.

Now add the cemented beams to the posts. This is a type of support system for your deck, they will secure the rest of the structure and will evenly distribute the weight. Be sure to follow your local regulations and building codes.

The next step is decking. It covers up the skeleton of bolts and boards and turns into the deck itself. Framing is actually the first step which makes the process look like a deck. If you want handrails on your deck, This is the part where you add them. However, be sure to stabilize them using balusters for support and safety. If you want your deck to have stairs, this is the part where you add them.

Once you are done with the hard part, apply finish and seal the wood.