Differentiating Between Tree Trimming And Tree Pruning

Most people think that tree trimming and tree pruning is the same thing. This makes make them partially right and wrong, this is because both skills are what home owners employ when caring for their gardens.

The difference lies in why they are done. Trimming is done for; improving structure of tree, flower production, fruit production, saving a damaged tree or reducing shade. On the other hand, pruning is done for the sake of; removing overgrown branches, encouraging strong growth of trees and for safety reasons.

This is why tree service is an important utility. Professionals know the difference between the two skills and can therefore, decide what the tree needs, after observation. Trimming is a task that should be done at least two times a year, so that nothing dangerous happens to the people or buildings around it. Some species tend to grow faster, so have to be trimmed accordingly. Overgrowth can lead to reduction of sunlight from passing and the moisture a shrub receives

To put it simply, trimming is the process of tidying up small shrubs, hedges and overgrown branches. Trimming is also done for aesthetic purposes.

Pruning, on the other hand, is done for safety purposes. The main ideology behind it is to stop damaged or dead branches from causing harm to people, or property. Another reason for it is to eliminate pest infestations, diseases and to stimulate the trees.

Pruning has two forms; topiary and pollarding. Topiary is when trees are shaped into animal or geometric shapes. Pollarding is done to produce more shoots. Pruning is done mostly in winters, but that depends on the species as well.

Tree maintenance has a lot of detailed steps and factors that need to be considered. Therefore, having a professional do it for you is a wiser choice.